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Solidworks PDM

Solidworks is a parametric three-dimensional modeling software. Like the CATIA, it also offers a three-dimensional approach to handling designs and offers a friendly user experience.

Due to its user friendly interface, this tool is taught at schools to students and has made it one of the more popular tools in industrial and product design, machinery, and medical industries.

Solidworks comes in two main formats which are the Solidworks PDM (Product Data Management) and Solidworks PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) respectively.

What is the Solidworks PDM?

Solidworks Product Design Managements (PDM) assists in managing and synchronizing your design data across your team or enterprise with the aid of simple and easy to deploy solutions, that are easily integrated into Solidworks applications.

Solidworks PDM breaks the barrier of information and design shearing, as 3d design files and specifications can easily be sent to all necessary parties throughout the lifecycle of the product.

This allows for seamless observation of designs while also keeping close tabs on manufacturing which is vital in reducing chances of errors and design flaws down the stretch.

What are some of the benefits of using Solidworks PDM?

No business should overlook the importance of improving efficiency. Design and development are two pivotal factors in the success of any business, thereby making it a compulsory move to ensure that the best tools are utilized. Solidworks PDM is such a tool and can offer a number of benefits to businesses.

Some of such benefits are: 

  1. File management.

Files can be easily renamed and repositioned in Solidworks PDM with ease.

The importance of this rather simple but important functionality allows for proper management of files by all parties involved in the design, while also creating an avenue for revisiting and restructuring during the design implementation process.

  1. File restore functionalities.

Another very important feature of the Solidworks PDM is the opportunity to restore files to their previous state.

This affords the option to recall files that might have been altered wrongly for one reason or another, to their previous state. This also provides the option to keep close attention on how designs might have looked in the past and compare with their present states.

  1. Autosave feature.

Solidworks PDM also comes with an autosave feature, that creates a state of a file once it is previewed. This is highly helpful as it takes the tool takes into account assemblies, versions, and drawings with the option to save or override.

This feature can also be turned on or off, depending on the user.

  1. Advanced searches.

Solidworks PDM brings simplicity to file searching as design data can be easily sought after and received in mere click, regardless of how complex the designs are or the number of files present in the design workflow.


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