Article provided by: Western Electronic Components

PTC ThermistorsMany PTC thermistors are available here in Western Electronic Components, whether you need a switching type thermistor or products like polymer PTC and silistors.  We specialize in manufacturing high quality NTC and PTC thermistors for many high-tech and industrial applications in the world. We work with talented designers and engineers.

PTC thermistors are another type of thermal resistor that changes resistance characteristics with increasing temperature. As opposed to NTC thermistors, PTC resistors or posistors immediately increase their resistance with the increasing temperature, which makes them more of the switching type rather than the regulating type, which most NTC thermistors are. A posistor is a ceramic component often used in modern electronic applications. These devices can be seen in a wide range of electronic equipment. They are used to protect against short circuits in motors as well as to prevent devices and device components from melting when subjected to overload currents. They are also useful in equipping power supplies for delayed or deferred inclusion.  If your production demands specialized formulations for PTC or NTC thermistors, call us up at WECC and we will design the perfect thermistor formulation to your exacting needs.

In computer monitors and TV CRTs, PTC thermistors ca also be used to demagnetize shadow mask and preserve color purity of picture. They can also be seen in refrigerator and compressor motor starters as well as in automatic control devices and other consumer electronics, measuring devices, telecom devices, as well as in data storage devices. In automotives, posistors are also seen in carburetors and motors. These devices are also used to limit energy dissipation and reducing current to safe values, much like other types of current limiters. WECC is a leading manufacturer of high quality thermistor products used in a wide variety of industrial engineering applications.