Metal Tube Tester

Get a great deal on a metal tube tester from G&R Technologies. you’ll find their Rockwell tester will handle the job you need it for, as this product is able to perform metal sheet, tube or ball tests, with high accuracy.
Purchase  the column-stand package with the portable Rockwell tester and instantly turn it into a desktop metal tube tester. This package contains the following accessories:
– Tester
– Column-stand frame
– Fastening fixture
– Diamond indenter
– 1/16″ ball indenter
– Position Sleeve
– 20-35HRC test block
– 59-65HRC test block
– 60-90 HRBW test block
– 60 mm plane anvil
– 60 mm V-type anvil
– 16 mm Socket Wrench
– Hex key
– 11.1 V rechargeable battery
– 12.6 V/1.2 A charger
Rockwell Hardness Testing and the ASTM E 18 Standard with Rockwell Hardness: 
Rockwell hardness tester use for determining hardness of metallic material. The E 18-03 standard established by ASTM is a detailed description of the Rockwell Hardness testing method. Ideal to use as a metal tube tester.
A 120 degree angle diamond or 1/16” (1.588mm) diameter hard steel ball indenter is pressed into the test piece surface with a preliminary force P0 (10kgf) at a depth D0. Then, a main force P1 is added until the total test force, P = P0 + P1, is 60kgf for HRA, 100kgf for HRB and 150kgf for HRC, and the indenter increases to a depth D2. Then, the preliminary force P0 is unloaded, and the indenter decreases to a depth D1. This results in a depth difference, e = D1 – D0, measured in units of 0.002mm. The hardness reading for HRA and HRC is 100-e, and for HRB is 130-e.
The RH Auto Rockwell hardness tester is extremely versatile and can be adapted for use to many applications, including a metal sheet, metal ball or metal tube tester. Attach to a column stand and it will perform flawlessly as a desktop model. The motorized tester automatically and quickly performs Rockwell hardness tests on parts of all sizes.
The light weight and small size of the Rockwell RH Auto makes it perfect for performing hardness tests on bulky or heavy sheet metal. Attach the tube test frame and it becomes a metal tube tester. Simply place a tube over the frame and it will perform a test on the tube wall.
Specifications for the RH Auto Rockwell hardness metal sheet, ball and tube tester:
– Testing Range: 20-88 HRA, 20-100 HRB, 20-70 HRC
– Scales: HRA, HRB, HRC, HV, HB
– Tensile Strength: 110-363 Lb/ln2, 77 – 266 Kg/cm2
– Accuracy: 0.1 HR
– Operation Temperature:
– Operation 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 ° C)
– Storage -4 °F to 122 °F (-15 °C to 50 ° C)
– Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion
– Battery Life: Work Time: 6 Hours per charge, Full Charge Period: 2 Hours
– Data Storage: Automatically records up to 1000 test results, includes native Rockwell readings, converted readings and averages.
– Tester dimension: 7.9” x 4.3″  x 1.8” (200mm x 110mm x 46mm)
– Weight: 4.5lb (2Kg)
If you’re interested in learning more about the Rockwell metal tube tester from G&R Technologies, contact a specialist by calling 805-499-8015. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about their products.