Laser Drilling

Laser drilling is an important part of the modern world. Carefully crafted optics work in eyeglasses, medical devices require accuracy and precision, and sensitive electronics can fail with the slightest defect. Laserod systems cut down to the micron in almost any situation.

How to Create Micro Holes

There are a very limited number of products for small hole drilling. Most manufacturers use laser drilling machines to fine-tune their components.

As devices get smaller, these devices continue to improve. Cut widths and spot widths work down to several microns. It is even possible to use lasers on surfaces less than 1 micron thick, a vital feature in medical device manufacturing.

Which lasers work best for drilling?

Micro holes and wafer resizing often occurs after carefully working equations. Your plans demand precision and a solid-state laser provides.

Early lasers used gases such as CO2 but were inaccurate with wavelengths of 10.6 microns and spot sizes of 120 microns. Solid-state lasers use wavelengths down to .248 microns to create spot sizes of 3 microns. Femtosecond pulsing offers even more precision.

What is a solid-state laser?

A solid-state laser uses a solid instead of a volatile gas to create a directed beam of light. While initially ruby, YAG began to replace this material by 1970.

Today, excimer and other materials work with a crystal containing at least 1% of other materials to provide ultimate control. These lasers were approved in 2001 for use in medical equipment by the FDA.

Subtypes of Solid-state Lasers

There is no single type of solid-state laser that works optimally for every industry. Different gases and minerals produce different cut widths and spot widths. Some companies require extremely small pulse rates to comply with regulations.

More importantly, patterning and programming are key to how laser hole drilling works. Small hole drilling for an airplane is different than for a stent. Machines need to be programmed for each industry.

Outsourcing laser services

Companies and researchers may not have the ability to afford an expensive laser system. This does not mean that you need to abandon a project altogether. Outsourcing can save you up to 60% on labor alone.

Laserod is a leader in micro hole drilling, semiconductor cutting, and wafer resizing for many industries and research applications. We strive to offer quality services at a low price. Our laser cutting services allow even the smallest company to create the components they need.

Laser Cutting Services

Outsourcers offer a variety of services for companies that want to cut down on cost. Each pattern and cut needs to be tuned to your needs.

We offer:

  • Resistor trimming
  • Fast processing
  • Thin material cutting
  • Wafer resizing
  • Patterning for almost any cut

Let our microhole drilling experts handle your cuts. Our clients range from Stanford University to IBM.

Where to Outsource Laser Cutting

Laser drilling outsourcing allows you to use the power of the solid-state lasers without the cost of buying your own machine. We offer many services, patterned to your needs.

Get in touch with our experts today at 1-888-991-9916.

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